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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

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Why Do I Need Recreational Vehicle Insurance?

Although an RV is considered a vehicle, buying Recreational Vehicle Insurance is a bit more complex than buying insurance for an automobile. Some people regard their RV as their home away from home and require more coverage than what would be in a typical auto insurance policy.

Depending on your auto insurance policy to cover your recreational vehicle instead of purchasing a separate RV insurance plan could be a very costly mistake. Recreational vehicle insurance coverage can be added to a current auto insurance policy or it can be purchased from a separate carrier that specializes in RV insurance. The added premium is minimal in comparison to the expense that would be incurred when realizing that your RV and the possessions inside it are not covered after a catastrophe.

Lisa Nickels implements RV insurance policies for clients in the North Texas area – from Denton to Dallas to Fort Worth and beyond. For a quote, contact us now or call 866.445.5599!

Planning an RV Trip to Travel Outside the Dallas Area? Make Sure You Are Fully Covered!

Here are a few tips to make sure your recreational vehicle is adequately covered before you hit the road…

  • Don’t overlook personal property!
    While many Dallas RV owners assume that their homeowner’s insurance will cover any personal property they take along on their trip, it is important to understand the limitations of coverage. Some homeowner’s policies will exclude personal property that is not located at the residence premises, and the deductibles can be higher than the value of the items in question. So double check your homeowner’s insurance benefits before making the risky decision to forego any extra coverage included in an RV insurance plan.
  • Don’t underestimate the full RV Replacement Cost!
    If your new recreational vehicle is stolen or totaled during a specified time period in the first years of original ownership, this coverage provides you with a new RV equivalent to the one you lost. Typically this benefit is effective for the first five years of ownership.

    Usually after the first five years, many Dallas recreational vehicle insurance companies will convert this policy into an Actual Cash Value or Purchase Price Guarantee Policy. An Actual Cash Value policy pays fair market value of your RV in the event of a total loss. Purchase Price Guarantee offers policyholders the amount they paid for the RV to put toward a new one if the unit is considered a total loss.

  • Full Timers Need Extra Coverage
    “Full timer” is the RV insurance industry term for owners who use their recreational vehicle as their full time residence. Much like a homeowner’s policy this coverage offers extra benefits to include personal injury protection, personal liability, and personal effects coverage.

Other Elements of Dallas Recreational Vehicle Insurance Policies Include:

  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance
  • Emergency Travel Expenses
  • Tow Dolly and Trailer Coverage
  • Vacation Liability Insurance
  • RV Collision Insurance
  • Flood, Fire, and Windstorm Damage

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