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Personal Umbrella Insurance

Lisa Nickels is now Century Insurance Agency and we can provide a quote on personal umbrella insurance to buyers in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Click below now for a quote!


Who Needs Personal Umbrella Insurance?

Generally, if there is a lot of personal liability or risk in your life and you have valuable assets you need to protect, you are probably a good candidate for personal umbrella insurance. For instance, if you have a swimming pool or trampoline, and your home is the regular gathering place among neighborhood kids, personal umbrella insurance would protect you over and above your homeowners’ policy if an accident should occur. If you feel that you could be a target for a personal lawsuit because of your wealth or exposure to risk, you could benefit from this type of insurance. The policies are not very expensive (usually about $250 a year for one million dollar policy) so why not give yourself the peace of mind by having the added protection? Usually it is a good idea to increase the liability limits on your home insurance plan to the maximum and then look into the purchase of the extra coverage offered by personal umbrella insurance. Then you can accurately gauge how much coverage you really need.

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